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    Miami Shores


    Miami Shores Village is a residential neighborhood the lies north of Miami’s Upper East Side. It is bound on the east side by Biscayne bay to the east and 91st Terrace to the south. The area east of Biscayne called East Miami Shores and homes in this area are more expensive than those west of the Blvd. A small portion of the village goes down into NE 87th St. and west into NW 3rd and 5th Aves. but for the most part the village is bound by 91 St. on the south and by NW 2nd Ave. on the West. On the north and north east, it’s boundary is the Barry University campus. This large neighborhood consists of nearly 3,300 homes that range in age from the early 20’s to modern homes built during the early 2000’s real estate boom and some recent new construction from 2015 to the present day. The village is mostly single family residential homes, with very few multi-family units and only two small commercial areas along Northeast 2nd Avenue and Biscayne Boulevard.

    While it is frequently referred to as Miami Shores or the Village of Miami Shores, the municipality’s official name under its charter is Miami Shores Village.

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